Rick Littlefield

Robin Hood Camp Celebrates 100 Year Two Generation Leadership

The Robin Hood Camp is celebrating the two generational leadership of owner Rick Littlefield and his father. In seven years’ time, 100 years of unbroken father and son leadership and ownership will be achieved. Few if any other camps, businesses or organizations have achieved such a milestone.

Rick Littlefield, Director of the Robin Hood Camp, has worked at the camp in different capacities since 1960. He’s been an owner and director since 1985 and his tenure has seen the continued growth of the organization. Through his leadership, he’s guided the evolution of the Robin Hood Camp from an American All-Boys camp to the co-ed international camp that it is today.

The Robin Hood Camp in Maine is the premier children’s summer camp and is well-known for its scope of activities. The camp’s world-renowned counselors in waterskiing, sailing, soccer and many other activities give children the opportunity to learn from the best. For example, 6-time wakeboard world champion Dean Lavelle currently leads wakeboard activities.

In addition to the myriad of top activities, Robin Hood Camp also offers cultural diversity by accepting children from around the world. This gives kids the opportunity to view the world from a wider perspective. Being able to adapt, work as team and be cognizant of other cultures are critical skills in todays global marketplace. The lessons learned at the Robin Hood Camp can be carried through to adulthood and lead to substantive interpersonal relationships.

Admission and selection procedures at the Robin Hood Camp are administered by Director Rick Littlefield. An interview with the director, along with two positive teacher references, are needed to be considered for admission. Given the exclusivity of the camp, selection is one of the most important steps in building a positive summer experience.

The location of the Robin Hood Camp adds excitement to summer and gives children every opportunity to explore nature. Given that the camp is in close proximity to a lake and the ocean, it provides a wide spectrum of experiences that are unique to the Robin Hood Camp.

The Robin Hood Camp and its leadership team, programs and activities are designed with children and diversity in mind. Currently camp residents from over 40 countries are in attendance. This combined with myriad of activities and the picturesque scenery of Maine makes for an unforgettable experience.

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