6 Educational And Fun Summer Camp Activities For Kids

Rick Littlefield

August 3, 2022

Rick Littlefield

There are a variety of activities to choose from when it comes to a fun and educational summer camp experience. You can go for giant fence art, cardboard box car races, and painting, to name a few. There is no limit to how much fun your kids will have, and the list of possible activities is endless. Read on to discover 6 great ideas for fun and educational summer camps. We hope you find these ideas helpful.

Genius Day

If you want to make your child an academic genius this summer, consider enrolling him or her in a genius day at summer camp. This unique educational program allows kids to spend the whole day in STEM subjects and learn from professionals in the fields of math, science, and engineering. Not only will your child get a head start on a career in STEM, but he or she will also have fun while learning. A Genius Day at summer camp offers many benefits for your child, including academic success and keeping them out of trouble.

Giant fence art.

Whether it’s a giant fence art project or a sidewalk chalk painting, campers will have a blast during their summer camp activities. Some of the most popular projects are Giant Fence Arts and Sun Prints. Other outdoor art projects include building firefly jars; creating friendship bracelets; and using found objects to create sculptures. There’s something for every age and taste at summer camp.

Cardboard box car races

Cards, string, glue, and tape can be used to create a race car. The cars can have up to 6 pilots, either adults or underage kids. If you plan to use cardboard cars, make sure to include sponsors on the vehicle. Kids will love creating their own racing vehicles and will have a blast competing against one another. The final product must be stable enough to stop, and all participants should wear helmets designed for children.


If you’re looking for fun, educational summer camp activities for kids, painting is just the ticket. Portrait painting is a centuries-old art with strong roots in history. Children who attend a painting camp at summer camp learn about color theory, mixing skin tones, and the importance of proportion and form in portraits. They will also learn about anatomy, three-dimensional volume, and structure. Painting activities can help kids develop their creativity and reasoning skills.


When it comes to fun and educational summer camp activities, bike riding is a top contender. Biking is great for improving cardiovascular functions and using nearly every muscle in the body. There are plenty of benefits to biking, from being environmentally friendly to strengthening the sense of direction. And, there are many types of bicycles—from simple road bikes to mountain bikes—which can be taken virtually anywhere. Here are just six of the many benefits of biking.

Creating with beads

Making jewelry and sun catchers are popular crafts for kids, and crafting with beads is an excellent way to learn about upcycling and recycling. These creations are also great for friendship bracelets and can also be made for children with ADHD. They can hang the finished products from their necks, and the process of making one will help keep them focused. One of the best things about this activity is that it is easy for kids to make their own beaded jewelry.

Ocean slime

Using ocean slime as a fun and educational summer-camp activity is a fantastic way to introduce ocean animals to young children. Slime has a distinctive texture, and kids love to explore it. This slime is blue, which adds a calming effect. Kids can knead and stretch the slime, making waves for the different sea creatures. Once the slime has hardened, the children can create imprints with their hands and other sea creature toys.

Painting with beads

Kids love to paint, and there are no better art supplies to use than beads! Painting with beads can help kids express their artistic side while still learning some fundamentals of art. Kids of all ages can enjoy this camp for hours, creating beautiful works of art that are sure to last a lifetime. The best part is that you can bring along your spouse or other significant other to enjoy the art as well.


If you’re looking for a fun and educational summer camp activity for kids, consider cycling. Campers can learn everything from bike maintenance and repair to safety. They will also learn about road etiquette and how to ride safely in a neighborhood setting. This camp also emphasizes route planning and safe routes so kids can get to their destination without getting into a traffic accident. Children should also bring a lunch or snack daily to eat while they’re at camp.

Finger painting

Kids love to paint, and finger painting is a great activity for this age group. This activity fosters creative expression and fine motor skills while also helping young children develop their self-expression. And, the best part is, it’s so much fun that parents can get involved, too! Here are some ways to make finger painting a fun and educational summer camp activity. Let your child decide how long they’ll want to play!