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Robin Hood Camp Celebrates 100 Year Two Generation Leadership

The Robin Hood Camp is celebrating the two generational leadership of owner Rick Littlefield and his father. In seven years’ time, 100 years of unbroken father and son leadership and ownership will be achieved. Few if any other camps, businesses or organizations have achieved such a milestone.

Rick Littlefield, Director of the Robin Hood Camp, has worked at the camp in different capacities since 1960. He’s been an owner and director since 1985 and his tenure has seen the continued growth of the organization. Through his leadership, he’s guided the evolution of the Robin Hood Camp from an American All-Boys camp to the co-ed international camp that it is today.

The Robin Hood Camp in Maine is the premier children’s summer camp and is well-known for its scope of activities. The camp’s world-renowned counselors in waterskiing, sailing, soccer and many other activities give children the opportunity to learn from the best. For example, 6-time wakeboard world champion Dean Lavelle currently leads wakeboard activities.

In addition to the myriad of top activities, Robin Hood Camp also offers cultural diversity by accepting children from around the world. This gives kids the opportunity to view the world from a wider perspective. Being able to adapt, work as team and be cognizant of other cultures are critical skills in todays global marketplace. The lessons learned at the Robin Hood Camp can be carried through to adulthood and lead to substantive interpersonal relationships.

Admission and selection procedures at the Robin Hood Camp are administered by Director Rick Littlefield. An interview with the director, along with two positive teacher references, are needed to be considered for admission. Given the exclusivity of the camp, selection is one of the most important steps in building a positive summer experience.

The location of the Robin Hood Camp adds excitement to summer and gives children every opportunity to explore nature. Given that the camp is in close proximity to a lake and the ocean, it provides a wide spectrum of experiences that are unique to the Robin Hood Camp.

The Robin Hood Camp and its leadership team, programs and activities are designed with children and diversity in mind. Currently camp residents from over 40 countries are in attendance. This combined with myriad of activities and the picturesque scenery of Maine makes for an unforgettable experience.

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield Invites Visitors to Experience Maine at the Oakland House Seaside Resort

Resort owner Rick Littlefield invites visitors to experience some of Maine’s most picturesque scenery at the Oakland House Seaside Resort.

Coastal Maine has long been a popular vacation among East Coast Americans. The beaches are pristine, the lobster is fresh for the taking, and opportunities for seaside adventures are endless. Rick Littlefield and his wife Robin Littlefield believe Maine is one of the most magical places in the country to live and vacation, and they’re inviting visitors to enjoy the magic with them.

Robin and Rick Littlefield are the owners of the Oakland House Seaside Resort. This historic property, which has been in the Littlefield family since 1763, was at risk of being torn down. In fear of losing the gorgeous property and the historic homes and cottages upon it, Robin and Rick Littlefield decided to take over the property and get to work.

“This property has been in my family for so long, there wasn’t a chance we were letting the Inn get torn down,” Rick Littlefield says.

The Inn itself was in rough condition after being ignored for years and had not had a paying guest for 40 years. However, the Littlefields quickly got down to business, renovating the interior and exterior into the charming Oakland House Seaside Resort. The resort now features pristine gardens, two private ocean beaches, access to a fresh-water lake beach, cozy communal spaces, a gorgeous dining room, and rooms that are the ideal combination of history and modern amenities.

“We are eager for people to come experience all the natural beauty Brooksfield has to offer,” Rick Littlefield says. “Our goal is always to make the Oakland House Seaside Resort a place to which people will be eager to return after a long day on the beach or enjoying other outdoor adventures.”

Brooksville, Maine, is a small town located on Penobscot Bay. It’s population, including Robin and Rick Littlefield, is just 934. The charming town features a tranquil cove which has long been a mooring spot for yachts and power boats. Two guest mooring are available. The two ocean beaches are gorgeous and the pristine lake beach is walking distance.

“Brooksville is more than just our home. We are in love with this community, and we want to share it with travelers from across the country and around the globe, whether they visit for breakfast or stay for two weeks,” Rick Littlefield adds.

The Oakland House Seaside Resort currently offers eight separate cottages for rent, a 130-year-old inn equipped with rooms and suits, the spacious Acorn Guest House, and the recently re-opened dining room. Robin and Rick Littlefield offer the best local knowledge on hiking, paddling, fishing, sailing, sunset-watching, tennis, golf, waterskiing, horseback riding and more.

The Littlefields also offer breakfast and dinner to the public Tuesday through Sunday, with a locally-famous Sunday brunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. They urge visitors to make reservations ahead of time by Open Table or by calling to ensure a seat, especially during the busy summer months.

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield Hosts a Hand-Selected, Internationally Diverse Group of Campers at Robin Hood Camp

Owner and Director Rick Littlefield maintains Robin Hood Camp’s reputation as the country’s top summer camp program, and he has consistently expanded its offerings and improved its quality since taking on the leadership position. Personally interviewing candidates, he ensures the camp hosts only good children who will make the most of their experience.

Rick Littlefield and his father have been the sole owners and operators of Robin Hood Camp, upholding values of excellence and diversity for almost a hundred years between them. The property is located along the coast of Maine and offers a truly unique experience because of its proximity to lakes, oceans, and the lush landscapes of rural Maine. The camp has maintained an unparalleled reputation since first opening their doors to the public in 1928 and today is the only summer camp remaining in the U.S. that borders both ocean and a freshwater lake.

Robin Hood Camp accepts children and teens from six to sixteen years old and invites children from more than 40 countries to attend their exclusive summer program. Rick Littlefield and his father have long ensured that their camp doesn’t discriminate against any nationality and, instead, builds camaraderie and relationships between kids from dozens of international cultures.

“Going overseas, we get to showcase what Robin Hood Camp is all about, which is inclusion
and fun for kids anywhere,” says Rick Littlefield. “Not many other summer camps go to such
extreme measures to ensure diversity in their programs like we do.”

In addition, Rick Littlefield is careful to only accept kids who are good natured, well-behaved, and who will make the most of their time at Robin Hood Camp. He personally interviews every prospective camper and asks them to submit two positive teacher recommendations in order to be considered for acceptance. Over the years, Rick Littlefield has traveled to more than 40 countries to interview and select potential campers, and he relies first and foremost on the recommendations of other good campers and their families. Robin Hood does no commercial advertising, and 95% of campers come strictly from these “word of mouth” recommendations.

“Robin Hood Camp is focused on fun, community, and personal growth for each one of our
campers, no matter how young or old,” says Rick Littlefield. “We’ve always strived to be
inclusive in everything that we offer, and we’ve recruited children from around the world to
spend their summers making new friends, trying new activities, and challenging themselves at
our camp.”

Robin Hood Camp is staffed with leading professionals who instruct more than 30 sports and activity options taking place each day of campers’ stay. While there, campers build their own program based on their preferences and at what level of competition they want to participate in. Among other useful skills, this helps all campers grow by nurturing independence, self-knowledge, and other life-world choices.

“We’ve created a truly inviting and advantageous summer camp program in one of the most beautiful places on earth,” says Rick Littlefield.

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield and Wife Own and Run the Oakland House Seaside Resort in Maine

For generations, Rick Littlefield and his family have run some of the most sought-after destinations in Maine, such as the internationally-renowned Robin Hood Camp accepting campers each summer. In addition, he and his wife currently run the Oakland House in Maine, which is a seaside getaway offering unique sights, excursions and more.

 Rick Littlefield graduated high school in 1971 and attended Hobart College Geneva, NY Class of 1975 and the University of London. He’s been the director and owner of Robin Hood Camp since 1985, upholding a legacy today of nearly a hundred years of management and operation between father and son.

Robin Hood Camp is known around the world for being one of the most celebrated summer camp programs anywhere. It offers campers a truly one-of-a-kind summer experience, its proximity to forests, freshwater lakes, and the ocean providing unique activities kids can’t experience anywhere else. Rick Littlefield accepts campers from all around the world ages 6-16, and today hosts kids from more than 40 countries.

One of the biggest appeals of Robin Hood Camp is its individualized program that encourages personal growth from all its campers. While attending, campers have the option to build their own schedule throughout the summer, which nurtures independence, self-knowledge, and other life-world choices. The camp is led by world-class professionals who train campers to excel in any of the dozens of activities offered during the summers.

In addition to running Robin Hood Camp, Rick Littlefield and his wife Robin also manage the Oakland House, which is a resort colony of vintage cottages, a communal guest house and 135-year old inn on 40 acres on Eggemoggin Reach. The resort overlooks Pumpkin Island on one side and Deer Isle Bridge on the other, making it a picturesque landscape for visitors year-round. The resort boasts beautiful sunrises and sunsets with plenty of nearby hiking areas and overlooks to capture all there is to see.

Nature lovers are especially at an advantage at the Oakland House; there are plenty of opportunities to paddle, hike, bike, fish, sail and explore Acadia National Park. There’s never a lack of activities to do, but many visitors enjoy simply cozying up with a book or magazine in front of a fireplace in the many lodging options on the property during their stay.

The Oakland House resort is the only true resort destination in mid-coast Maine that offers guests ocean & lake sailing, ocean & lake kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Here, visitors can play tennis or take a lesson from a USTA Tennis pro. In addition, Rick Littlefield and his wife have brought in PGA professionals to teach golf on property and professional freshwater fishing guides.

Whether guests book their stay as a wedding excursion, honeymoon, or vacation destination, they will encounter the best landscapes and activities Maine has to offer. The resort has remained in Rick Littlefield‘s family for 9 generations, ever since it was gifted by England’s King George III in 1763, and they expect to continue offering a world-class resort experience for generations to come.

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield of Robin Hood Camp Talks Its Unique Proximity to Both Lakes and the Ocean

Robin Hood Camp is internationally recognized for its unique summer camp offerings and its dedication to inclusivity, inviting kids from over 40 nations to attend. Below, Rick Littlefield discusses the benefit of the camp’s location next to fresh and saltwater, allowing campers to partake in a range of exciting activities. 


Rick Littlefield and his family have run the Robin Hood Camp located in Maine for generations, helping to carve out its high reputation around the world. While he’s a resident of Carmel, CA throughout the year, Littlefield relocates each summer to Brooksville, Maine  to oversee the activities of the camp. He’s been the owner of Robin Hood Camp since 1985 and the owner of Oakland House Seaside Resort in the same town since 2017. 


Over the years, he’s helped improve the offerings at Robin Hood Camp and has vastly expanded the activities and scope of the program. He’s been a Camper, Counselor, & Director since 1960. In this role, he guided the successful evolution of the program from an American All-Boys Camp to the co-ed international camp with campers from 40 countries around the world that it is today.


Robin Hood Camp offers campers a truly unique experience between the vast variety of available activities and the ability for campers to plot out their own daily and weekly schedules during the summer. Also, today it is the only summer camp remaining in the U.S. that borders both the ocean and a freshwater lake. The majority of the activities on property run on the lake side of camp because of the warmer 70-73 degree water of the 3-mile Walker Pond. The lake side is home to world-class sailing, world-class wake surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, Crew Shell Rowing training, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and PADI scuba diving certification courses.


Because of its proximity to the ocean, Robin Hood Camp also offers experiences like swimming with seals,marine biology, exploring the 100+ islands of Penobscot Bay and coastal harbors aboard their 24’ Boston Whaler with 300 HP, ocean kayaking,3-day ocean yacht cruises, day sailing on the ocean, whale watch expeditions, and island camping.


“The camp is located on a beautiful property in Maine that is teeming with lush forestry and wildlife during the summers, with quick access to both fresh and saltwater activities,” says Rick Littlefield. “This allows camp visitors to experience the country’s northern waters and explore all the local maritime heritage of the area.” Besides the dynamic waterfront activities Robin Hood offers land sports like world class instruction in Squash, Tennis, Golf, and Muy Thai kickboxing, plus much more.


Of the miles of coastline in the Eastern United States, Littlefield discusses how the coves, bays, and rocky beaches of Maine provide their own unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. Here, campers can take in the vivid scenery or else immerse themselves in it through a range of excursions and activities. 


“We’re very proud of our summer camp and its location,” says Rick Littlefield. “American children and campers from 40 countries around the world are equally in awe at the landscapes and activities available at Robin Hood Camp.”