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Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield Invites Visitors to Experience Maine at the Oakland House Seaside Resort

Resort owner Rick Littlefield invites visitors to experience some of Maine’s most picturesque scenery at the Oakland House Seaside Resort. Coastal Maine has long been a popular vacation among East Coast Americans. The beaches are pristine, the lobster is fresh for the taking, and opportunities for seaside adventures are endless. Rick Littlefield and his wife […]

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield Hosts a Hand-Selected, Internationally Diverse Group of Campers at Robin Hood Camp

Owner and Director Rick Littlefield maintains Robin Hood Camp’s reputation as the country’s top summer camp program, and he has consistently expanded its offerings and improved its quality since taking on the leadership position. Personally interviewing candidates, he ensures the camp hosts only good children who will make the most of their experience. Rick Littlefield and his […]

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield and Wife Own and Run the Oakland House Seaside Resort in Maine

For generations, Rick Littlefield and his family have run some of the most sought-after destinations in Maine, such as the internationally-renowned Robin Hood Camp accepting campers each summer. In addition, he and his wife currently run the Oakland House in Maine, which is a seaside getaway offering unique sights, excursions and more.  Rick Littlefield graduated high […]

Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield of Robin Hood Camp Talks Its Unique Proximity to Both Lakes and the Ocean

Robin Hood Camp is internationally recognized for its unique summer camp offerings and its dedication to inclusivity, inviting kids from over 40 nations to attend. Below, Rick Littlefield discusses the benefit of the camp’s location next to fresh and saltwater, allowing campers to partake in a range of exciting activities.    Rick Littlefield and his […]